Testimonial #2

"There have been several "silver lining" to my 2013 breast cancer diagnosis. One of them was Kim, whom I visited for a "curl consultation" shortly before I received my bad news. When I returned for my first cut and told kim about the cancer, she gave me a warm hug, and short cut (offering to come to my house when I'm ready to shave my head in preparation for chemotherapy) and a goodie bag of soothing Aveda products. Here is a picture of my shorter than planned pre-chemo cut."

"When my hair grew back after chemo, I embraced the new silver color (another "silver lining"!) and the short curls that Kim brought to life."

"My hair has changed texture form when I used to color it (it's now softer and silkier), but with Kim's expert cutting, I can still bring out the curl when I want to. I'm loving my "new" hair!

-Susan M