Testimonial #4

"I certainly didn't want or expect to get a diagnosis of breast cancer and the last four months have been filled with numerous tests, labs, surgeries and chemo treatments. Thankfully, I was referred to the Hearst Cancer Resource Center and there I met Kim and learned about her program, The Curly Cure. After my second chemo treatment, I lost the majority of my hair and Kim made this emotional time actually fun by helping me choose a style of wig just right for me, and then gave it the perfect trim in her shop in downtown SLO. She also gave me a kit of products specially designed for hair growing back from chemo and encouraged me to call her for help in styling my new curly hair once it begins to grow out - all at no charge. Her warmth and compassion was much appreciated and I look forward to her help when I am finished with my chemo, and my hair and my life get back to normal." 

- Kathy M., May 2017

Kim and Kathy, May 2017

The smile on Kathy's face is priceless and what The Curly Cure is all about. Looking good, feeling better!

Kim and Kristin, April 2017

Kim and Kristin

Owner Kim helping beautiful Kristin, through The Curly Cure, to embrace her new hair texture and achieve her best curly hair! 

Testimonial #3

"I have been a cancer survivor for 16 years and have lost my hair 3 times.  I have been very blessed to be born with naturally red, ringlet, curly hair.  Growing up, I never appreciated my hair, I was always made fun of for it, I looked different and I was treated differently.  Then I lost my hair for the first time, and it took the pain of losing my hair to finally appreciate it and I became very protective over it.  Thankfully, during the growing back process after I lost my hair for the third time, I met Kim.  She has been instrumental in helping me care for my hair, keeping it healthy, and maximizing it's fullest potential.  I love my hair so much and I'm so grateful to be able to show it off to the world!

-Calli C

Testimonial #2

"There have been several "silver lining" to my 2013 breast cancer diagnosis. One of them was Kim, whom I visited for a "curl consultation" shortly before I received my bad news. When I returned for my first cut and told kim about the cancer, she gave me a warm hug, and short cut (offering to come to my house when I'm ready to shave my head in preparation for chemotherapy) and a goodie bag of soothing Aveda products. Here is a picture of my shorter than planned pre-chemo cut."

"When my hair grew back after chemo, I embraced the new silver color (another "silver lining"!) and the short curls that Kim brought to life."

"My hair has changed texture form when I used to color it (it's now softer and silkier), but with Kim's expert cutting, I can still bring out the curl when I want to. I'm loving my "new" hair!

-Susan M

Testimonial #1

"I have known Kim for 18 years and have always been in awe of her big open heart and desire to help humanity. It comes as no surprise that she has spearheaded the “Curly Cure” campaign. When one of my friends was diagnosed with cancer and lost her hair due to chemotherapy we were amazed that her hair came back in curly. I told my friend about Kim and Kim’s extensive knowledge of working with curly hair. She of course went to see Kim and was delighted with both the haircut and the information she received. Kim is the perfect person to spearhead this campaign. She has the vision, the heart and the ability to make anything she puts her mind to happen. This will be a great benefit to any woman who is in need of curly hair education and some TLC after undergoing chemotherapy."

-Nancy C.